Digital Marketing Short Summery (Portfolio )

I am a Google Ads & Facebook Ads expert with 6+ Years of Experience in Digital Marketing. My expertises are Google PPC, Google Display Ads, Google Shopping Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics with Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking. I am a solo freelancer who works with a small number of clients at a time, … Read more

2023 SEO Checklist: The Step-by-Step Guide to Higher Rankings

2023 SEO Checklist

The Ultimate SEO Checklist for 2023: Optimize Your Website for Top Rankings. Keyword research: Identify relevant keywords and phrases to target in your content. On-page optimization: Optimize titles, meta descriptions, headings, and content for target keywords. Content creation: Create high-quality, informative, and engaging content that is optimized for search engines and users. Link building: Build … Read more

The Importance of Lead Generation: Why Your Business Needs It

Lead generation is important because it helps businesses to identify and target potential customers. By generating leads, businesses can build a pipeline of potential customers and focus their marketing efforts on the individuals or organizations most likely to make a purchase. Lead generation can also help businesses to identify the specific needs and pain points … Read more