Digital Marketing Short Summery (Portfolio )

I am a Google Ads & Facebook Ads expert with 6+ Years of Experience in Digital Marketing. My expertises are Google PPC, Google Display Ads, Google Shopping Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics with Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking.

I am a solo freelancer who works with a small number of clients at a time, not an agency that tries to get as many clients as possible.

Check here my all Digital Marketing Certification Course Details.

Certification Name: Google Ads Search Certification
Issuing organization: Google Digital Academy (Skillshop)
Credential ID : 55873591
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Certification Name: Advanced Google Analytics
Issuing organization: Google
Credential ID : K5mtRl9DRAGXczzXpMriHg
Credential URL

Certification Name: Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
Issuing organization: Google Analytics for Business
Credential ID : Nz1ZM7_hShmZDfexs_dSdA
Credential URL

Certification Name: Introduction to Data Science
Issuing organization: IBM Developer Skills Network
Credential ID : 140e7f93557d4893bcc95349bc290bfd
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Learning is a continuous process. I love to learn daily & improve daily. Below is a short summary what I know about digital marketing.

What I know about Facebook Ads

➡ Understanding Facebook Marketing – 4Ps – Create & Optimize Facebook Business Page
➡ How Facebook Ads Auction Works-Overview & Verification Process of Facebook Business Manager
➡ Facebook Business Manager Functionality-A full and complete Walk-through
➡ Campaign Objectives-Campaign Budget Optimization-Bidding Strategies in Facebook
➡ Setup Facebook Pixel with Tag Manager-Tracking Purchase with Dynamic Value
➡ Setup Facebook Standard Events Pixels via Tag Manager (Part-2)
➡ Setup Facebook Pixel for Purchase, Add to cart etc with dynamic value tracking
➡ Facebook Pixel Purchase with Multiple Dynamic Value Tracking via GTM
➡ Facebook Location-based & Demographic Targeting with strategy
➡ Facebook Ads Interest-based targeting
➡ Setup Facebook Targeting Audience (Standard procedure) – Saved, Custom & Lookalike audience
➡ Step-by-step Facebook Campaign Setup
➡ Setup Facebook Campaign with Strategy
➡ Facebook Messenger & Lead Campaign – Setup Facebook Shop
➡ Setup Facebook Collection & Catalogue Ads 02 hour
➡ Facebook Messenger & Lead Campaign – Setup Facebook Shop
➡ Facebook Catalogue Ads – Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier

Facebook (Business Manager)-All Kinds of Updates.
Facebook Business Suite-All in one place to manage Facebook & Instagram page
Setup Facebook & Instagram Shop-Manage Shop & Catalogue using Commerce Manager
iOS 14 affects Facebook Ads – Facebook Pixel Tracking Solution
Common facts, Ad Policy & Understanding Facebook Ads
Create & Optimize Facebook Page-Business Suite-Facebook Ads Auction Process
Facebook Business Manager-Understanding User, Assets etc.
Business Manager-Partner-Domain Verification-Business Manager Verification

What I know about Facebook Funnel Ads

➡ What is a Sales Funnel?
➡ Why Need a Sales funnel?
➡ Understanding customer journey & AIDA model
Module-02: Facebook Ads Sales Funnel
➡ What is a Facebook Ads Funnel?
➡ Stages of Facebook Ads Funnel
➡ How to design Facebook Ads Funnel
Module-03: Setup Facebook Pixel
➡ Setup Facebook Base Pixel (Standard Way)
➡ Setup Standard events (ViewContent, Add to cart, Checkout, Search & Purchase)
Module-04: Setup Facebook TOFU or the Awareness stage
➡ Create Facebook Audiences
➡ Content strategy for TOFO stage
➡ Create Facebook Campaign with strategies
➡ Optimise TOFU
Module-05: Setup Facebook MOFU or the Consideration stage
➡ Create different type of Facebook Custom Audiences
➡ Content strategy for MOFO stage
➡ Create Facebook Campaign with strategies
➡ Optimize MOFU
Module-06: Setup Facebook BOFU or the Conversion stage
➡ Create different type of Facebook Custom Audiences for sales
➡ Content strategy for BOFU stage
➡ Create Facebook Campaign with strategies
➡ Optimise BOFU
Module-07: Setup Post-purchase strategy
➡ Create Facebook Custom Audiences for repeating sales
➡ Content strategy for Post purchase stage
➡ Create Facebook Campaign with strategies
➡ Optimise Post-purchase stage
Module-08: Analysis & Reporting in Google Analytics 4

What I know about google ads.

✅ Module-1: Understanding Google Ads
➡ Overview of Google Ads
➡ Creating a Google Ads Account
➡ Google Ads Account Access & Security
➡ Configure and Manage Account Alerts, Announcements & Notifications
➡ Billing & Payment methods

✅ Module-2: Creating Google Ads Campaign & Campaign Types
➡ Breaking down the difference between search(PPC), display & remarketing campaign
➡ Plan a Google Ads Campaign (Standard, Smart & Discovery Campaign)
➡ Create Campaigns & Configure Campaign Settings
➡ Create and Configure Ad Groups, Ads & Keywords
➡ Managing Bidding & Budgets

✅ Module-3: Keywords, Ad Groups & Targeting
➡ Research Keywords with the Google Keyword Planner
➡ Research Keywords by WMS Everywhere
➡ Configure Ad Groups & Keywords
➡ Comparing the different keywords match types: Broad, Phrase, Exact & Broad Match Modifier
➡ Explore & understand negative keywords
➡ Configuring Language & Location Targeting
➡ Device specific targeting – Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

✅ Module-4: Ads & Extensions
➡ Writing effective ad copy
➡ Learn basic use of Ad extensions
➡ Review Google Ad Policies
➡ Create Ads with Extensions that Provide Information
➡ Create Ads with Automated Extensions

✅ Module-5: Creating a Display Network Campaign & Targeting
➡ Plan & Create a Display Network Campaign
➡ Standard Display Campaign, Smart Display Campaign & Gmail Campaign
➡ Target by Audience (Automated & Manual)-Keywords, Topic & Demographics
➡ Target Campaigns by Device Type
➡ Create a Responsive Ad
➡ Placement Ads Targeting on Website, Mobile Apps & YouTube
➡ Affinity & In-market audience targeting
➡ Custom audience targeting
➡ Learning how to use dynamic display ads

✅ Module-6: Video Ads on YouTube & Across the Web
➡ Understanding Video/YouTube Ads
➡ Skippable in-stream ads
➡ Bumper ads
➡ Non-skippable in-stream
➡ Outstream ads
➡ Ad sequence with skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, or a mix

✅ Module-7: Remarketing
➡ Understanding Google Tag Manager
➡ Setting up Remarketing code using Google Tag Manager
➡ Developing Google Ads Remarketing audiences with Google Analytics
➡ How to build an effective Display Remarketing campaign
➡ Display & Dynamic remarketing best practice

✅ Module-8: Optimizing Campaigns
➡ Optimize Landing Pages for Quality Score
➡ Optimize Bidding Performance
➡ Optimize Budgets
➡ Automate Google Ads Campaign Using Rules
➡ Optimize Campaign Configuration for Conversions

✅ Module-9: Implementing Advanced Google Ads Features
➡ Optimize Ad Delivery
➡ Create Google Dynamic Ads (Dynamic Search & Display Ads)
➡ Implement Keyword Insertion
➡ Implement Campaign Drafts & Experiments

✅ Module-10: Setting Conversion Tracking, Analyzing & Measure Performance
➡ Setting up Conversion Tracking with Tag Manager
➡ Understanding Google Analytics
➡ Link Google Ads to Google Analytics
➡ Measure Google Ads Campaign Success(ROI)
➡ Analyze Campaign Performance & Optimize Ads
➡ Track Conversions
➡ Create Reports in Google Ads

What I know about Google Shopping Ads

➡ Understanding Google Shopping Ads – How Google Shopping Ads Works
➡ Setup & Configure Google Merchant Center for Google Shopping Ads
➡ How to Upload Feed in Google Merchant Center – Product Attributes details
➡ How to upload product feed in Merchant Center automatically(WooCommerce & Shopify)
➡ Bidding Strategy for Google Shopping Ads – Supplemental Feed Merchant Center
➡ How to fix Google Merchant Center Suspended Account for Google Shopping Ads?
➡ Discussion Class – How to fix misrepresentation error in Merchant Center
➡ How to Fix Misrepresentation Error and Suspensions in Google Merchant Center

Facebook Conversion API Setup with Google Tag Manager

Module-01: Understanding Server-side tracking
Lesson-01 Understanding Facebook Conversion API or Server-side tracking – Marketplace Opportunities
Lesson-02 Understanding Facebook Conversion API – Goldmine of the Digital Marketing Freelancer
Module-02: Facebook Conversion API on Shopify
Lesson-01 Create GTM Web container & Server-side container for Shopify
Lesson-02 Setup Facebook App for Shopify & Enable Maximum tracking level
Lesson-03 Enable Data Layer on Shopify to put Additional Google Analytics JavaScript code
Lesson-04 Setup Facebook Conversion API Tag & Track Server-side events with test the events
Lesson-05 Check all the Events tracking & recap Facebook Conversion API setup on Shopify
Module-03: Facebook Conversion API on WordPress
Lesson-01 Setup Google Tag Manager Web Container & Server-side Container for WordPress Website
Lesson-02 Install GTM Server Side Plugin on WordPress & Configure it
Lesson-03 Configure Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Events inside the Web Container
Lesson-04 Setup Facebook Conversion API & Track Ecommerce Events as well as test tag
Module-04: Setup Facebook Conversion API with GA4 & GTM
Lesson-01 Create GTM Web & Server Container + Setup Facebook Conversion API using GA4 event
Lesson-02 Send ViewContent Event to Facebook with GA4 & Facebook Conversion API
Lesson-03 Send Add to cart Event to Facebook Pixel with GA4 & Facebook Conversion API
Lesson-04 Send Purchase Event to Facebook Pixel with GA4 & Facebook Conversion API
Module-05: Fiverr GIG Creation & Selling Scope of Server-side tracking skills
Create Fiverr GIG & Selling your Server-side tracking (Setup Facebook Conversion API) skills
Skilluper Live Support about FB Conversion API
Setup Facebook Conversion API or Server-Side Tracking for Shopify
Setup Facebook Conversion API or Server-side tracking on WordPress

What I know about Google Tag Manager for Shopify

➡ Course Overview of Google Tag Manager for Shopify & why you should do as a Freelancer

➡ Understanding Google Tag Manager – Tag-Trigger-Variable

➡ Install Google Tag Manager on Shopify

➡ Understanding GTM Data Layer

➡ Setup Data Layer on Shopify Checkout page for purchase tracking

➡ Install Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on Shopify with Tag Manage

➡ Setup Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Ecommerce Tracking on Shopify

➡ Setup Google Ads Conversion with dynamic purchase value tracking on Shopify

➡ How to Import Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Conversions into Google Ads

➡ Setup Facebook Base Pixel on Shopify

➡ Setup Facebook Purchase event with dynamic value tracking

➡ How to setup Google Ads Remarketing tag on Shopify

What I know about Understanding Google Tag Manager

➡ Understanding Google Tag Manager

➡ Overview of Advanced Google Tag Manager Course – GTM
➡ What is Google Tag Manager – How does it work
➡ Advantages of Google Tag Manager – GTM
➡ GTM Account Structure – Components (Tag-Trigger-Variable) of GTM
➡ How to create Google Tag Manager Account & Multiple Containers
➡ Understanding Google Tag Manager (GTM) – Container, Tag, Trigger and Variable
➡ User Management in GTM – How to take GTM access from Buyer
➡How to install Google Tag Manager on a Website (WordPress)
➡ Difference between Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics 4
➡ Google Ads Tracking via GTM

➡ How to setup Google Ads Conversion Tracking via Tag Manager 30 min
➡ Understanding Data Layer – Setup Google Ads purchase value (dynamic) tracking 19 min
➡ Google Ads Call Conversion Tracking for Website via GTM 09 min
➡ Google Ads Call Conversion Tracking for Mobile site via GTM 05 min
➡ Setup Google Ads Remarketing Tag via GTM
➡ Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager
➡ How to install Google Analytics 4 via GTM – How to publish & test tags in GTM
➡Understanding Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics 4 – GA4
➡ Step-by-step Ecommerce Tracking Setup in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) via GTM
➡ Facebook Pixel Tracking via GTM

➡ What is Facebook Pixel – Why need Facebook Pixel for Digital marketing
➡ How to setup Facebook Base Pixel (Standard Way) on Website
➡ Setup Facebook Pixel Purchase Event with Dynamic Value Tracking
➡ Setup Facebook Pixel Add to cart event with Dynamic Value tracking
➡ Setup View Content Facebook Pixel Event with Dynamic Value Tracking
➡ Setup Facebook Pixel Conversions Events for iOS 14 Update – Connect Pixel with Catalogue
➡ Setup Facebook Pixel Checkout Event via GTM
➡ Setup Facebook Pixel Search Event via GTM
➡ Other Channel Tracking

➡ Setup Hotjar Tracking code on Website via GTM
➡ Setup LinkedIn Insight Tag with Google Tag Manager
➡ Setup LinkedIn Ads Conversion(Purchase) Tracking (Event Specific & Insight Tag) via GTM
➡ Earning Scopes with Google Tag Manager Skills

➡ Wix Site Tracking

(Wix) Setup Google Tag Manager, GA4, Google Ads Conversion Tracking on Wix
➡ Setup Facebook Pixel in Laravel

Setup Facebook Pixel Standard & Custom Event with GTM in Laravel Site